Oil Recirculating Systems


Process control is the key benefit to our recirculating fluid systems. We offer a variety of performance and cost-reducing options in every fluid system to boost process control and provide long life with minimal maintenance. Our standard recirculating fluid system is a stand-alone, remote unit which incorporates a positive displacement pump, integral filtration to 5 microns or less, an integral oil-to-water heat exchanger, continuous vacuum degassing, an on-board temperature controller and monitoring feedback capabilities (see top left photo).

Our recirculating fluid systems are designed for low-level tank operation to save money by minimizing cooling fluid quantities and cooling reservoir size. Filters are oversized for long service life. Thermostatic controllers can be integrated into self-contained units for stand-alone operation. Various feedback devices for process control can be added per specifications.

Slow pump speeds, inverter drives, and liquid cooled pump motors can all be integrated to optimize a system and gain process control. The fluid systems can also be configured to supply multiple inlet flow and meet pressure requirements. Custom modifications are possible for compatibility with chillers, in-plant water tanks, or liquid-to-air heat exchange. The economical recirculating fluid system uses plant-supplied water for heat dissipation and can circulate to multiple machines.

We also offer integrated units that are designed to mount liquid cooled electric motors directly on top of a cooling reservoir (see middle photo). These units are available for most any motor frame sizes, standard units to NEMA 210. The bottom and top sides of the cooling reservoir are Blanchard ground for optimum parallelism and liquid-tight connections. Custom internal baffles reduce system vibrations. The integrated systems incorporate the same basic pump, filtration and heat exchanger principles as our stand-alone recirculating fluid systems and are available with remote control panel and motor starter options.

The integrated units are an excellent choice when space constraints are an issue. The photo, (on the far right) displays an independent cooling system coupled to a motor integrated with a drain tank.