Motor Cooling Systems


We offer two Cooling Systems:

A low Power Cooling System:
This system is designed to cool motors rated at 200Hp and below
A High Power Cooling System:
This system is designed to cool motors rated at 200Hp and above

Asynchronous motors inherently produces waste heat which must be dissipated. Due to the high dynamic requirements, the motor inertia is low, resulting in a small motor package with high power output.

This high power-small motor relation requires enhanced heat transfer at the motor elements and is accomplished through fluid cooling. Heat transfer from the fluid takes place within an isolated cooling system.

The cooling fluids used in the heat exchanger are water and synthetic automatic transmission fluid.

Our High-Speed systems are comprised of a high performance AC motor, Variable Frequency Drive and a coolant recirculating system. The recirculating system directs cooling oil to the motor as well as through an integrated fluid to fluid heat exchanger.


Oil is pumped into the motor where it absorbs waste heat and then drains back to the reservoir by gravity. Customer-supplied cooling water flows through the water side of the heat exchanger to carry waste heat away. The cooling oil, which is filtered to 5 microns through the tank filter, also provides lubrication for the bearings in the high performance motor.

The cooling system is capable of dissipating the heat losses generated in the overall system.

This includes the electrical losses in the motor, the viscous losses of the oil as it encounters the motor rotor, and the pumping losses as a result of pumping the cooling fluid through the system.

In the design of this system, all losses are assumed to be transferred from the motor to the cooling system and ultimately to the facility’s cooling water system.

All hose connections are JIC 37° fittings. Flexible hose is used at all motor base connections to avoid vibration related stresses found in hard connections