High Speed Performance AC Motors


Reuland specialize in designing high speed performance AC electric motors. 
Our motors are frequently used in combustion engine simulation, inertia simulation and high speed loading dynamometer systems- all examples of automotive and aerospace test stand technologies.

We are on the forefront of high power density and high speed asynchronous motor design up to 1,500 Horsepower and 50,000 rpm. We can achieve extremely low inertia values.

Our motors may be designed to function in either a driving or absorbing capacity.

We have designed and installed internally oil cooled test stand motors which function with a tilt and roll up to 45 degrees either direction.

All of these benefits have proven useful for testing components such as automotive transmissions in a controlled lab environment.

Pictured above are three test stand structures featuring high power density motors. 
A custom built test stand will provide a level, fixed shaft height, a coupling footprint and a sturdy, low vibration mounting platform.

Our high performance motors come supplied with sensors to monitor the bearing and winding temperatures, vibration, and coolant temperature. These sensors may then be connected to a PLC or data logging monitor which computes and sends fault or warning data through a desired protocol i.e. Wago, Profibus.