High Performance Air-Oil Lubricating Systems

We utilize three main components on our systems.

1. The Airmatic lubricator:

The Airmatic lubricator supplies oil to positive displacement injectors inside the second component.

2. The air/oil mixing valve:

The air/oil mixing valve combines a specified amount of oil with dry, filtered and regulated air that is transferred through the third component.

3. The air filter/regulator assembly:


Air enters the system through a filter, which removes solid particles such as rust, which may be in the air supply. Some moisture may also be filtered, so the bowl is equipped with an automatic drain. If water accumulates in the bowl, then it will drain automatically.

The air continues through a coalescing filter, which removes the bulk of water from the air. Air pressure then must be adjusted to recommended PSI.

The Airmatic lubricator is equipped with a low level switch, oil filter, adjustable timer and oil pressure gauge to insure proper lubrication.

We utilize an oil line pressure switch which monitors the lubrication cycle. This insures that the system oil pressure is sufficient to operate the injectors in the mixing valve.

To further protect the system we monitor air pressure to the mixing valve to insure that a disruption in airflow does not occur, as disruption to the airflow will cause a disruption of lubricant.